Should Lawmakers Do Away With The Confederate Flag?

While the Confederate flag we know today to be the true flag is really not the flag at all, it’s not like the designs weren’t similar. It’s also very obvious what people hold to be true, that this flag stands for the Confederacy and is a symbol of the South. That might sound good, but the reality of the Civil War and why it was fought should stifle any positive remarks about this flag. Why promote a flag that is divisive?

Instead, why don’t we all gather together and unite around the flag that is held highest in this country, the American flag or the Gadsden flag? It’s very unsettling to some people, but that doesn’t mean everyone has a problem with the Confederate flag. I have to say that I do. I’m not a fan. I do get that it’s part of the southern pride and that many people want to speak out for it while acting oblivious to its roots.

The truth of the matter is that we still have racism in this country, long after the Civil War and decades after the Civil Rights Movement. Most people would assume racism is never going to be eliminated. Why keep a symbol like this around? In my opinion, those people speaking for it but not touting it for the wrong reasons need to come to the other side. For starters, there are people, many in fact, that find this flag troubling.

Let’s say you’re not against it, but you don’t really care either way. Why vote to keep it if you know it bothers other people? If it were left only to the people that want to put it proudly on their trucks, homes and more, then you would be talking about a very small percentage of people. Most people aren’t going to have this flag flying. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m a southerner, have been all my life.

Increasingly, this flag has become a major topic of discussion. It just seems as though collectively, we aren’t able to stand up and say enough is enough. It can still be remembered and even displayed, just at museums and only in certain other places. I do not think that people should have free will to just proudly use it however they like. However, that’s a slippery slope right there.

Now that we’ve established my thought process on the flag and what it means to Americans, what would happen if it were banned? Think about other flags that aren’t banned and instead are just used less often. People don’t like them, but they don’t worry about them. I think the problem with the Confederate flag is that people are hurt that it’s accepted by so much of the population as a symbol of the South.

If it weren’t so popular, things would be different. Plus, how can you really ban a flag like that? Aren’t there constitutional rules against doing such a thing? Lawmakers have a battle on their hands coming up in the years to come for sure concerning places to buy rebel flags .